Discipline: Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing

Home base: Charles Town, WV

Farm name: O’Sullivan Farms

Manager: John Funkhouser

Founded in 1939, #ProElitePro O’Sullivan Farms is West Virginia’s oldest Thoroughbred farm. Located on fertile limestone soil once settled by the Washington family in the northern Shenandoah Valley, the farm has developed a long tradition of breeding and racing quality horses.

Their nutritional program is designed to raise the soundest, strongest horses possible. Pastures are all spacious, rounded, and fenced with new oak boards. Hay is a homegrown alfalfa and clover/timothy harvested from fields that are soil tested and fertilized annually. The staff is experienced and dedicated, allowing them to offer their clients a full range of services including boarding, breeding, foaling, breaking, training, racing partnerships, pedigree analysis, stallion syndication, and accounting and tax consultation.

For four generations, family-owned-and-operated O’Sullivan Farms has been a landmark of the West Virginia’s Thoroughbred industry. The legacy and outstanding reputation of this elite operation runs deep, and we are elated that O’Sullivan Farms has chosen ProElite® feeds to assist them in continuing to make history in the Thoroughbred industry.

“ProElite feeds are very important for our horses because they provide all the essential minerals and nutrients that they can’t get from normal hay and alfalfa. ProElite feeds work very well for my operation because they’re extremely digestible, they’re very good quality, probably the best quality that money can buy. It’s got great probiotics in there, high fat quality, and very fresh. So the thing that I love about ProElite feeds is that when somebody sends me their mare, an outside horse, or something like that that isn’t in great condition, it doesn’t take long for their body condition to start getting better and better and better. You can see results, almost, within a week.”

O’Sullivan Farms - John Funkhouser