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The old saying “no hoof, no horse” is absolutely true. Good hoof care is essential to a horse’s health. However, an even truer statement may be “no gut, no horse.” A horse’s digestive tract is responsible for breaking down and absorbing all the amazing nutrients found in ProElite® feeds and their forage. The gastrointestinal tract is also responsible for 70% of a horse’s immune system function, making a healthy digestive tract critical for wellness and performance. Any disruption to that environment wreaks havoc on performance, reproduction, growth, and health in general. For this reason, we have included multiple sources of prebiotics and probiotics, along with additional digestive support ingredients to help support the homeostatic balance the digestive tract needs to function optimally. 


Often seen on the tag as various forms of yeast or yeast products, prebiotics act as a food substrate for the beneficial microbes present in a horse’s digestive tract. Making sure this microbial population is appropriately fed helps ensure it works at peak efficiency. ProElite feeds provide two direct sources of yeast in the form of yeast culture and active dry yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae at levels in excess of 11 billion CFU daily. These sources and levels are providing significant substrate for the beneficial bacteria to flourish, which in turn reduces the ability of pathogenic bacteria to take root. 


Going along with two-pronged yeast culture sourcing, ProElite feeds provide six different sources of probiotics or live microorganisms. Every product in the line includes tried and true strains such as lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, bifidobacteriium bifidum, and enteroccus faecium. These strains have been shown repeatedly in our proprietary research to improve NDF (fiber from hay) digestibility when combined with other functional ingredients found in ProElite feeds. This improves the efficiency with which a horse can digest their feed and hay. 

The ProElite Advantage

ProElite feeds also include new, cutting-edge strains such as bacillus licheniformis and bacillus subtilis, culminating in daily total microbial counts in excess of 10 billion CFUs for a 1,000lb. maintenance horse. These strains provide the horse additional layers of support when environmental or foodborne challenges may be encountered by your horse. B. subtilis has been shown in multiple models to inhibit development and improved defense against pathogenic bacteria such as c. perfringens and c. difficile. Combining this quantity and quality of prebiotic and probiotic content—along with digestive enzymes, nutrient consistency, and ingredient transparency—make ProElite feeds a clear leader in the equine nutrition world today. Our feeds ensure your horse’s digestive tract is working at peak efficiency and able to handle the challenges thrown its way. 

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