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  • Enhances Appearance

    From haircoat to hoof quality, each ProElite product enhances appearance from the inside out. Because when your horse looks and feels their best, they perform at their best.

  • Boosts Performance

    We’ve formulated and listed four amino acids – lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan – at levels proven to drive the performance results you demand, in addition to supporting superior topline, haircoat, hoof quality and muscle function.

  • Supports Recovery Time

    Your horses can’t win it if they’re not in it. Every ProElite product is designed with recovery time in mind to keep your horse off the sidelines and in the winner’s circle.

Why ProElite?

When you’re looking for an edge, look no further than ProElite. It’s the only ultra-premium suite of nutrition products designed to give your horses the competitive edge they need to win. Formulated with a special blend of performance-boosting ingredients, our family of feed and supplements supports recovery time and enhances appearance from the inside out.

you haven’t seen the best


That means guaranteed amino acid profiles and maximized starch and sugar levels. It means getting the most from your feeding program with an industry-leading, broad-spectrum approach to digestibility with a blend of pre, pro, and postbiotics. And it means every time you incorporate ProElite into your horse’s diet, they’ll get consistent nutrition because we lock our formulas to give them exactly what’s needed.ProElite products

Our line of supplements feature carefully selected ingredients for efficacy and ability to deliver proven results for your horse. Every ProElite supplement includes the high-quality ingredients and nutrients at the right levels. Whether it’s an amazing topline, sound development in growing foals, recovery from exercise, strong hooves or healthy joints, our products have your horse covered.

“With the high-quality ingredients and stringent manufacturing processes that are evident in every bag of ProElite feed, I am able to focus on my riding and training regimen without worrying if my horses are getting the nourishment needed to hit their peak performance.”

Samantha Schaefer | Hunter/Jumper

“ProElite has really changed the way we feed our horses. When hay quality varies, I know that ProElite is making up for it. Our equine athletes require the best nutrition, and we are so grateful to know we are feeding them the highest quality ingredients, and our horses love it.”

Jordan Larson | Reining

“ProElite is the peace of mind every horse owner needs… I get to walk into my barn, see shiny dappled horses, ride happy athletes, gorgeous toplines, performing at top levels, and see them look forward to every meal knowing that I’m only feeding them the best.”

Sara Hassler | Dressage

Our Solutions

  • performance horse


    To get the best output, you need the best nutritional input — like reliable calorie sources to power your athlete’s energy and stamina.

  • Growth

    Feed them right, right from the start. Find the power of two for your growing horses.

  • Weight Gain

    Now it’s easier to know what to feed your hard keepers when you want to add some weight.



ProElite feed and supplements are available at select in-person retailers and online. Call ahead to confirm the product is currently in stock.


“I can say, unconditionally, that ProElite® feeds are the best we have ever fed. I have been involved with selecting feed for show horses for more than 50 years. After 60 days on ProElite Starch Wise, we noticed a definite improvement in the body condition and hair coat on our horses." - #ProElitePro Mike Jennings

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What should you look for in a supplement that can help promote a healthy stomach and hindgut?
⟡ Bio-active proteins to support stomach lining
⟡ Live Yeast and Chicory Root to support digestive tract
⟡ Guarantees like Dried Bovine Colostrum

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To be the best, this horse owner feeds the best - which in this case is ProElite Performance.
 "I show horses in the Hunter Breeding. ProElite Performance makes my job easy! They completely transform my horses into the superstars they are... All because of the quality and nutrition you feed."
 Discover how ProElite can help you #BeYourBest: See link in bio.
 Disclaimer: Photos and testimonials are from a self-reported customer testimonial and not from a controlled ProElite trial. Some testimonials may have been collected from our incentivised sweepstake.
Whether you're looking for added fat to aid in weight gain, higher fiber for digestibility, prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health, or amino acids to fill out topline, ProElite feeds and supplements can help your horses add the calories they need. Check them out: See link in bio.
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Only a few weeks left to grab ProElite Hoof on sale at your local retailer! Nutrition for healthy hoof condition, plus skin and coat support - all in one winning supplement.

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Please call ahead. Only available at participating retailers.
Looking for a low feeding rate that still gives your whole barn the vitamins and minerals they need? Horse owners like Bryn trust ProElite Grass Advantage to help her horses be their best.
 "ProElite Grass Advantage improved my horses coats and toplines while allowing a low feeding rate to make sure everyone gets the vitamins and minerals they need. People always ask how I make my horses look so great year-round!"
 Discover how ProElite can help you #BeYourBest: See link in bio.
 Disclaimer: Photos and testimonials are from a self-reported customer testimonial and not from a controlled ProElite trial. Some testimonials may have been collected from our incentivised sweepstake.
What should you look for in a topdress to help support muscle development and topline condition?
⟡ Guaranteed essential amino acids like Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, and Tryptophan
⟡ Low % NSC (ideally below 10%)
⟡ Promotes digestive health in addition to aiding in muscle development and topline support

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