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To get the best output, you need the best nutritional input — like reliable calorie sources to power your athlete's energy and stamina. ProElite's suite of premium products are formulated to fuel even the fiercest of competitors. Whether you're looking for the right blend of amino acids to support muscle strength and recovery, prebiotics and probiotics to maintain gut health, or glucosamine/MSM/chondrotin for healthy joint support, ProElite feeds and supplements can help your athletes perform at their best. Find the power of two for your performance horse.
Get stronger, go faster. Choose the winning combination of feed and supplements that's right for your performance horses:

ProElite® Performance

ProElite® Performance Horse Feed

The beet pulp-based textured feed for mature show and performance horses.

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ProElite® Showman

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ProElite® Showman Horse Feed

A pelleted/extruded feed for mature horses in moderate to intense performance and show activities.

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ProElite® Sport

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ProElite® Sport Horse Feed

A textured feed for mature horses in moderate to intense performance and show activities.

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ProElite® Aqua Aide®

ProElite® Aqua Aide® Supplement

Helps replenish electrolyte loss for performance horses.

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ProElite® GutBiome

ProElite® GutBiome Supplement

Supports a horse's gut microbiome through research-proven nutrition for optimized stomach, foregut, and hindgut health along with immune support.

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ProElite® Joint

ProElite® Joint Supplement

Research-proven health supplement to support healthy joints and cartilage throughout a horse's lifetime.

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ProElite® Soothing Pink™ Xtra Strength

ProElite® Soothing Pink™ Xtra Strength Supplement

Helps promote a healthy stomach and hindgut utilizing a targeted blend of nutrients.

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ProElite® Top-Line Xtreme™

ProElite® Top-Line Xtreme™ Supplement

Fast-acting amino acid supplement to support healthy topline, muscle development, and recovery.

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"I switched my barrel horse to ProElite Performance about 6 months ago. His hooves have become stronger and he’s feeling and looking great!"

"I have been feeding my adopted OTTB ProElite Performance since I brought her home and my OTTB has thrived on ProElite Performance! Her coat, weight and performance are outstanding."

"When I got Obi, he was right off the track and race fit. His gut needed help and he needed more meat on his bones. I switched him over to ProElite Performance ... and after only 1 month I noticed huge improvements."

Equine nutrition isn't always easy to navigate. That's why the ProElite experts do the work for you.

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Where to Buy

ProElite feed and supplements are available at select in-person retailers and online. Call ahead to confirm the product is currently in stock.