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Senior Horses

Now there's a new and effective solution to fulfill the nutritional needs of your older horses. ProElite's suite of premium products are formulated to better support seniors. Whether you're looking for added fat to aid in weight gain, higher fiber for digestibility, prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health, or amino acids to fill out topline, ProElite feeds and supplements can help your aging athletes maintain their body condition. Find the power of two for your senior horses.
They're not growing older, they're getting better. Choose the winning combination of feed and supplements that's right for your senior horses:

ProElite® Omega Advantage

ProElite® Omega Advantage Horse Feed

An extruded supplement that aids in weight gain necessary for growth, performance, and appearance.

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ProElite® Senior

ProElite® Senior Horse Feed

The textured feed for the special nutritional needs of older horses.

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ProElite® Topline Advantage

ProElite® Topline Advantage Horse Feed

Provides essential nutrients for optimum muscle development, conditioned topline, healthy coat, and strong hooves.

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ProElite® GutBiome

ProElite® GutBiome Supplement

Supports a horse's gut microbiome through research-proven nutrition for optimized stomach, foregut, and hindgut health along with immune support.

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ProElite® Hoof

ProElite® Hoof Supplement

Nutrition for healthy hoof condition, plus skin and coat support.

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ProElite® Joint

ProElite® Joint Supplement

Research-proven health supplement to support healthy joints and cartilage throughout a horse's lifetime.

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ProElite® Soothing Pink™ Xtra Strength

ProElite® Soothing Pink™ Xtra Strength Supplement

Helps promote a healthy stomach and hindgut utilizing a targeted blend of nutrients.

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ProElite® Top-Line Xtreme™

ProElite® Top-Line Xtreme™ Supplement

Fast-acting amino acid supplement to support healthy topline, muscle development, and recovery.

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ProElite® Top-Line™ Advanced Support

ProElite® Top-Line™ Advanced Support Supplement

Amino acid supplement to support healthy topline, muscle development, and maintenance.

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"When I switched both of my senior horses over to ProElite Senior, there was a drastic improvement in what I thought were already happy horses. Their coats got legitimately sparkly with health! I am incredibly happy with this grain and recommend it to everyone!"

"We switched our Therapy herd to ProElite Senior a few years ago and saw huge results. It's a fabulous grain that the horses love. Their bellies are happy and it really helped the shape of our older herd."

"I switched to ProElite Senior...and my guy has never looked better. In fact, for the first time in six years, I had to drop him back on grain this year because he gained so much weight! His coat is shiny, and he looks fantastic."

Equine nutrition isn't always easy to navigate. That's why the ProElite experts do the work for you.

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Where to Buy

ProElite feed and supplements are available at select in-person retailers and online. Call ahead to confirm the product is currently in stock.