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Diet Balancers. More than just for easy keepers.

Discover how our diet balancers help provide the essential nutrition to support topline, performance and growth.

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Iron metabolism and insulin resistance in the horse

Discover how dietary levels of iron can affect horses that have been diagnosed with insulin resistance.

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Low-Carb Conundrum: Does My Horse Need a Low-Carb Feed and What Does That Mean?

Here’s the truth about low-carb diets for horses.

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Feeding to Improve Your Horse’s Topline

What is topline, what contributes to it, and how do nutritional factors play into this? Get answers here.

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Nutrition-Locked Formulas for Consistent Nutritional Quality

Defining nutrition-locked formulas and how they help make our feeds the best.

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Are you feeding the best? Let’s check the tags.

Find out how our feeds deliver the competitive edge your horses need to stand above the rest.

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Unparalleled Amino Acid Profiles for Enhanced Performance

Here’s why amino acids are the single most important nutrient to help horses look and feel their best.

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Regulated Starch and Sugar Levels for Confident Calorie Sourcing

Learn why maintaining consistent starch and sugar levels are essential for performance horses.

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Top Digestive Health Package for Superior Digestibility

How ProElite feeds support the homeostatic balance the digestive tract needs to function.

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